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Kurulus Osman 119 English

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Bolum 119 English Subtitles

You have watched Kurulus Usman Volume 118, which was simply an amazing episode, especially the last scene of the episode that brought tears to the eyes of thousands of Turkish series lovers, as well as setting a shining example of how strong faith can be.

Today we will be doing an important review of the first trailer of Kurulus Usman Volume 119 Inshallah, so this short but important video must watch till the end,

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

First of all, let’s talk about the last heart-breaking scene of Kurulus Usman Volume 118, Oktem Bey gave his life only for Islam, how much faith is possible to do that!

Before the eyes of his beloved wife and beloved children, he must either accept his own death or release an infidel oppressor commander, how joyfully Oktem Bey gave his life for Islam, how patiently his wife and children endured such a scene before their eyes.

did Oktem ber girl’s wedding tomorrow, today he was martyred, tears came to the eyes at such a scene at the last moment. After seeing this scene, many people are asking, why didn’t Osman Be Olof save a beam? Who could have killed Olof? I will try to briefly answer this question of the audience.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Basically, Osman Bey had to think a lot to make such a difficult decision, Osman Bey was forced to make such a decision by thinking about the future danger, on the one hand, Naiman is a very strong commander, on the other hand, Olof is also a terrible commander, and the emperor of Constantinople is sending an army under him.

If Osman Bey had let Olof go, think how terrible they would have been together for Osman Ber. How many Turkish soldiers had to give their lives, now thousands of lives have been saved in exchange for the lives of Oktem Ber. The emperor may withdraw his army because the emperor does not want Naiman to become a danger to him with his army.

Watch now Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

So, Usman Ber’s decision is 100% correct. Now in this situation, Naiman will take some time to gather his strength, while Usman Bey will also be able to push himself.

Another thing, the Ottoman Empire was not built so easily, because in reality they had to make more and more difficult sacrifices at that time, trying to show it in the series, and if the people of that era had a mentality like yours, then this state would never have been established.

Basically, the scene of sacrifice is depicted here, because a state is not established so easily, it is established slowly after many sacrifices, the last scene shows the highest mentality of sacrifice, the pain is also felt, to take Olof’s head and defeat Oktam Bey. has been A river of sacrifice flowed to establish a state. How many hundreds of loved ones have to be lost?

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Now let’s talk about volume 119, as seen in the trailer, Osman Bey surrenders to the Martian forces, and Osman Bey says he will follow the orders of Commander Naiman, will Osman Bey really surrender to Commander Naiman?

If not, what will be his plan? According to the information, apparently, Osman Bey will not obey Commander Naiman, but he will only pretend to obey him. Because you can clearly see in the trailer of Volume 119 that Osman Bey meets the White Beards and he has some important letters in his hand, which may be related to Commander Naiman and definitely Osman Bey has a plan in it.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Also, as you can clearly see in the trailer, Turgut Alp and Bala Hatun attack the Martian tent with their troops, which may contain the Kai children kidnapped by Naiman or something very important to Commander Naiman, be it gold or something. can So Osman Bey will follow his plan, pretending to obey Commander Naiman?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 English Subtitles




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