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Kurulus Osman Episode 104 English Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 104 English Subtitles

Today we will discuss, will any new characters arrive to save Osman Bey from Olof and Kantakazanos’ terrible plans in the upcoming 104th episode. Be sure to watch this short but important video till the end.

At the end of volume 103, Osman Bey entered the cave to save Konur Alp, after being trapped by Olof, Osman Bey, Olof and Kantakozanos had a bloody plan.

Olof and Kantakazanos would be sure that Osman and his alpes would not be able to get out of that cave. Osman Bey’s absence will embolden both Olof and Kantakazanos. The fortress of Yenisehi will be their main target. Olof and Kantakozanos will be determined to shed blood in Yenisehir. Just as Olof and Kantakozanos are triumphantly plotting the destruction of Yenisehi, Osman emerges.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 104 English Subtitles

Guess something interesting is going to happen in the next few episodes. The attraction could be the arrival of a new historical figure, be it a historian or a close associate of Osman Bey. The 4 characters that Osman Ber can come to help him in this danger are, Number 1, Mihail Koses, Number 2, Samsa Chavus, Number 3, Akchakocha Alp, Number 4, Hassan Alp, Osman Ber Historical Alp, Hassan and Akchakocha Alp are still Not seen in this series.

According to various reliable media, a new actor has been added to the Kurulus Osman series, it is believed that he will be playing a historical Alp, Akchakocha or Hasan Alp or Samcha Chavus Alp, the director also confirmed the actress Deniz Barut, who we have seen in the Destan series. , he joined Kurulus Osman series as Ismihan Sultan and will be seen after the upcoming 105 episodes.

In the upcoming 104th episode, Bala Hatun and Aktemur Bey, and Kumral will try to find Osman Bey with the help of Abdal, the enemy will think that Osman is dead. Like season 4 of Dirilis Artugrul series. Where the enemy thought that we had killed Artugrul but he survived and returned to Basati after many problems, which shocked the enemy.

Similarly, the enemies will think that Osman Bey is no more and they will increase their enmity and treachery. Finally, the Marmara land will be conquered again in the plan of Osman Bey. watch more

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