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Barbaroslar Episode 21 with English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 21 with English Subtitles

Brief discussion

So many characters have left in the last two episodes, especially in the last episode, which showed that big changes are going to come, as in the scenes in the story. So finally it came true. The characters in the story, the scenes and even the background have changed.

The forts of Midland, (Medilia), Alexandria (now: Alexandria, Egypt) and Kalimnos were the background of the story, now Kalimnos may be replaced by Andalusia (Spain), and gradually Midillia and Alexandria may move from one to the other.

However, in the second season of Dirilis, a new main villain named Marco Gabriel is coming here. With more than one new villain character coming.
The ratings also went up in the 5 to 7 category.
However, it is seen that the hairstyles of both Shahbaz Bay and Baba Oruch have been changed. In the historical series, although the big hair is a little more suitable, the short hair does not matter much, the first 2 seasons of Dirilis and the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Kurulus are proof of that. But my question is elsewhere, and that is – why not a turban?

After the change of writer and director of the series, it is seen that the turban has been removed. However, Khairuddin Barbaross (Khizir Reis) is seen wearing a turban in all the historical pictures.
This series is not like the other series, because the other series are made with the help of a few pages of history. In other words, there is not much detail about Seljuk or Dirilis in history, 8/10 pages or more, 20 pages. There is not much detail in the case of Kurulus either, but it is fair to combine the different views of different historians.

But the case of Barbaroller is quite different, since the autobiography written by Khizir Reis himself is taught in the varsity level history department in Turkey. There is a very clear mention of the biographies of their 4 brothers. So there is no room for distortion of history in this series, even Hollywood has distorted it in a very subtle way, and even got caught.

There are other issues – such as Oruch and Khizir showing hostile relations with the Mamluks, this too after the arrival of the new director, because the previous director was Adel Adib who was an Egyptian. However, he did not present the Mamluks as good because they were Egyptian. On the contrary, in the book written by Khizir Reis, he says that ‘they had good relations with the Mamluks, and first of all, a Mamluk emir presented a warship to Oruch Baba. Earlier, all their work had to be done on merchant ships. And these Mamluks were the servants of Mecca-Medina till the time of Sultan Sulaiman Qanuni.

However, when it comes to female characters wearing turbans, it can be said that their outfits are quite right. But since Isabel is a non-Muslim, what more can I say, but Mariam needs to cover her head and reduce her participation in the war so much. In history, Mariam was the second wife of Khairuddin Barbaross (Khizir). (Those who knew the information before or did not know can give information in the comments).

What else can I say to women where men do not have turbans! There were a few more things – like the choreography and sound effects of Fighting – but the realistic feel doesn’t seem to matter. But Dirilis made 6 years ago also had a good realistic feel. And the sound of the sword is like the sound of tearing clothes.

There was something to be said about Piri Reis, who had been a Reis before Khizir and had been a Reis even after Khizir’s death, and was held in high esteem by the three Sultans, but was not well represented. Author – Mohammad Rad Khan.

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