Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitle

Scary Movies On Netflix Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitle

Scary Movies On Netflix Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitle

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Scary Movies On Netflix It is possible that Barbarossa had overreached himself in his seizure of Tunis. Alternatively, if he intended to make sure of his new territory, he should have retained the Sultan’s ships and janissaries. But this may not have been possible, for Suleiman was engaged in his war with Persia (one of the few strategic mistakes in his reign), and could not afford to leave so many valuable men in North Africa.  Scary Movies On Netflix 

Barbarossa, also, had most probably calculated that in view of the divided state of Europe, even Charles V would find it difficult to mount a large-scale expedition against Tunis. In this, he was to be proved wrong. Charles V could not ignore the threat that Barbarossa’s occupation of Tunis posed to his Sicilian possessions. If he allowed the Turks to establish themselves in Tunisia he would soon find that Sicily was untenable. It was less than one hundred miles from the Cape Bon peninsula to the ports of Trapani and Marsala, an easy striking distance for galleys.

They could be across the Strait of Sicily in twenty-four hours, raid and devastate the coastline, and be back in Tunis before the news had even reached Palermo. Charles did not have so many war galleys at his disposal that he could afford to keep a squadron of them permanently in western Sicily: something that would be absolutely essential if he were to leave Barbarossa secure in Tunis. There was only one solution: to regain Tunis immediately and restore a ruler who would be a friendly vassal of Spain. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

Muley Hassan was prepared to accept the Emperor’s conditions in return for his restoration, and Charles either did not know or care that the exiled ruler was the most hated man in Tunisia. In any case, he wasted no time in setting everything in motion for an attack on Tunis at the first opportunity in the following year. The Marquis de Mondejar, Captain-General of Grenada, was ordered to raise men and money and set up camps for the troops outside the Andalusian ports. Andrea Doria, the Pope, and the Viceroys of Naples and Sicily and Sardinia were immediately acquainted with the imperial plan, and their help solicited or ordered as the case might be. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

The Knights of St. John, who held Malta in fee from Charles V, were also asked to lend assistance—something that they would have been unlikely to refuse in any case. Warfare against the infidel was their trade. Troops in Italy were told to prepare themselves for embarkation in the spring; orders were sent to Germany for the imperial troops to hold themselves in readiness; other detachments from Naples and Sicily were trained for the assault on Tunis. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

The main body of the invasion fleet would corrie from Spanish ports in the west, while other ships would join up from Genoa, Palermo, Naples, and Cagliari in Sardinia. The operation was well planned. Remembering previous failures on the dangerous North African coast, Charles V and his advisers clearly intended to leave little to chance. It was possibly the fact that they now fully realized the extent of the Turkish threat to Spain (and did not dismiss it as no more than the activities of “a few pirates”) which ensured the success of their expedition. Scary Movies On Netflix

Scary Movies On Netflix

Their-ed-Din, for his part, was well aware that he had neither enough men nor a sufficiently fortified city to be able to withstand a large-scale attack. In the early spring of 1535, he sent fifteen of his large galleots down to Bone, a sheltered small harbor almost halfway between Tunis and Algiers. He had learned from previous experience that it was fatal to allow one’s ships to be trapped in port by the arrival of a superior fleet. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

His whole position upon the coast had been made possible by sea power, and he had no intention of losing his prime weapon in the event of Tunis falling. Clearly, he must have been prepared to wait and see whether Charles and his fleet could manage to make a successful rendezvous for their combined operation. He must also have hoped that either inefficiency or some natural disaster would break up the armada before it could get off the Goletta of Tunis. But, if it were successful, he had now secured his fleet at Bone and Algiers. He had an escape route ready if things went wrong.

Late in May 1535, the Emperor and the main body of the fleet set out from Barcelona. On June 10 they rendezvoused at Cagliari with the Italian and Sicilian sections of the fleet and army. The total number of ships that left Barcelona is said to have been four hundred, while the fleet that finally set out for Tunis is reported to have been six hundred. As De Grammont recounts the events in his Histoire d‘Alger: “They left on the 13 th. of June, and arrived off Tunis on the 14th., and immediately attacked the Goletta; this had been well fortified, but the city of Tunis itself was not.

After a number of skirmishes, Barbarossa came out into the open country with his Turks. At the same time, the local troops attacked the imperial army from the rear and on its flanks. On July 14th., the Goletta was taken by assault, and on the 20th., at the moment when the battle was opened between the forces in front of the city, 12,000 Christian captives who were held in the town broke their chains, and, under the command of a certain Captain Paul Simeon, attacked the janissaries, who were already tired and worn out by the struggle . . Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

Scary Movies On Netflix

The immediate success of the attack on Tunis was due largely to the capture of the Goletta on the first day of the campaign. The credit for this must go almost entirely to the redoubtable Knights of St. John. The knights had come down from Malta for the campaign with four of their fighting galleys, and with the great carrack that was the flagship of their fleet. This was almost certainly the largest fighting vessel in the world at that time. Since it was her cannon that so swiftly blew to pieces the new walls of the Goletta and made a breach for the knights’ assault, some description of this immense vessel seems appropriate. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

It “had eight decks or floors, and such space for warehouses and stores that it could keep at sea for six months without once having occasion to touch land for any sort of provisions, not even water; for it had a monstrous supply for all that time of water, the freshest and most limpid; nor did the crew eat a biscuit, but excellent white bread, baked every day, the Corn being ground by a multitude of handmills, and an oven so capacious that it baked two thousand large loaves at a time. Scary Movies On Netflix

The ship was sheathed with six several sheathings of metal, two of which underwater, were lead with bronze screws (which do not consume the metal like iron screws), and with such consummate art was it built, that it could never sink, no human power could submerge it. Magnificent rooms, an armory for five hundred men; but of the quantity of cannon of every kind, no need to say anything, save that fifty of them were of extraordinary dimensions; but what crowned all was that the enormous vessel was of incomparable swiftness and agility and that its sails were astonishingly manageable. Barbarossa

that it required little toil to reef or veer, and perform all nautical evolutions; not to speak of fighting people, but the mere mariners amounted to three hundred; as likewise two galleys of fifteen benches each, one galley lying in tow off the stern, and the other galley drawn aboard; not to mention various boats of diverse sizes, also drawn aboard; and truly of such strength her sides, that though she had often been in action, and perforated by many cannonballs, not one of them ever went directly through her, or even passed her deadworks. Scary Movies On Netflix

” If this leviathan served to remind the Turks that they still had much to learn about shipbuilding from such master mariners as the knights, they knew already “The Religion’s” fighting spirit. They can therefore have been little surprised to find that in the assault on the breach it was the Knights of St. John who claimed the van. A knight of the French Langue, the Chevalier Cossier, led the charge. Soon, the eight-pointed white cross on the standard of the order was floating above the breached battlements. Even the janissaries fled in disorder before these indomitable men. Scary Movies On Netflix Barbarossa

Scary Movies On Netflix

If it was the escape and revolt of the Christian slaves in the city which finally delivered Tunis into the hands of Charles V, it was this first sudden and triumphant assault on the Goletta that put the prize within his grasp. Even Barbarossa recognized the qualities of these opponents. It is interesting to see that as late as the eighteenth century (when the Order of St. John was on the decline), Morgan could describe how great they were still respected by their Moslem enemies:

“They are good corsairs; they are men; and as such behave … Were they, not Cross-kissing Christians, and so much our enemies as they are, they would be very worthy of our esteem; nay, the best of us would take a pride in calling them our brothers, and even in fighting under their command.

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