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kurulus osman episode 89 english subtitles


kurulus osman episode 89 english


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kurulus osman episode 89 english The Turkish conquest drew the coastal lands on either side of the Straits more tightly into the embrace of the Afro-Eurasian world. 47 In situations where security had broken down, the initially predatory relationship between raiders and victims evolved into interdependence, once the Turkish emirs

re-established order. Ibn Battuta sometimes felt himself to be at the edge of the civilized world – these people did not speak Arabic! Yet speedy cultural maturation occurred through close contact with the Seljuk civilization of the plateau. Ibn Battuta was impressed by the ambiance of the inns, which doubled as markets. There he met pilgrims and other professional kurulus osman episode 89 englishtravelers like himself, a Muslim from Egypt, a Jew from Spain, and others.48^ He wrote extensively of the men who staffed the inns and saw to the needs of travelers and merchants.

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They were members of religious brotherhoods, practicing an ethic of pietistic service. Ibn Battuta’s report also lends a sense of the active competition among the Turkish emirs to attract Muslim scholars, Koran chanters, and other artists and entertainers from abroad to their courts. This competition in philanthropy and patronage of the religious sciences and the arts extended to major building projects such as mosques, medreses, and baths, besides the inns. The architects of the early mosque complexes and other monuments built by the Turkish

conquerors were often from Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere, but workshop techniques show that the decorative craftsmanship and the laborers were local and Christian.49 The cosmopolitan Turkish attitude of appreciation for work and commerce clearly arose from and was compatible with their Islamic religious kurulus osman episode 89 english subtitles

Box 1.3: The Turkic Language Family
The Turkic languages make up a family of several dozen dialects, spoken across Eurasia in the Middle Ages. They were first analyzed linguisticallyin Compendium of the Turkic Dialects (Diwan Lugat al-Turk), written in Arabic in 1082. The author, a Karakhanid Turk named Mahmud al-Kashgari, introduced his work as follows: When I saw that God Most High had caused the Sun of Fortune to rise in the Zodiac of the Turks … [I saw that] every man of reason must attach himself to them, or else expose himself to their falling arrows. And there is no better kurulus osman episode 89 english subtitles


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way to approach them than by speaking their own tongue, thereby bending their ear, and inclining their heart …
I heard from one of the trustworthy informants from among the Imams of Bukhara, and from another Imam of the people of Nishapur: both of them reported the following tradition, and both had a chain of transmission going back to the Apostle of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. When he was speaking about the signs of the Hour and the trials of the end of Time, and he mentioned the emergence of the Oghuz Turks, he said: “

Learn the tongue of the Turks, for their reign will be long.” Now, if this hadith is sound, and the burden of proof lies on those two! – Then learning it is a religious duty; and if it is not sound, still Wisdom demands it. kurulus osman episode 89 english subtitles

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I have traveled throughout their cities and steppes, and have learned their dialects and their rhymes; those of the Turks, the Turkman-Oghuz, the Ğ igil, the Yaghma, and the Qirqiz. Also, I am one of the most elegant among them in language, and the most eloquent in speech; one of the most educated, the most deep-rooted in lineage, kurulus osman episode 89 english subtitles

and the most penetrating in throwing the lance. Thus have I acquired perfectly the dialect of each one of their groups; and I have set it down in an encompassing book, in a well-ordered system. a_

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