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The shaman begins their ritual in the forest, after some time Naiman emerges from the grave and drinks what the shaman has prepared. Osman finds out what happened at Bey headquarters and says that Naiman will come soon. Boran Alp thinks that everything is over now, and Osman Bey says that he will rally the Turkish army again and that he will crush the Mongols.

Osman Bey tells his soldiers to be ready. Ismihan Sultana immediately goes to her palace and says that she has to accept whatever Naiman says. But some Bays say it’s impossible to give Naiman the gold he wants. Ismihan Sultana says that the Seljuks will help in this matter and asks the Beys to send the news about their settlement. Osman Bey asked Kanur Alp to trace the route of the gold-carrying caravan. Karesi Bey says that the amount of gold Naiman wants is too difficult to match and he continues to complain.

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Ismihan sends Sultana Bey’s room and asks them to think about it. Olof began to march towards the settlement with his troops. Bala Hatun begins to question Frigg but cannot get him to speak. Frigg says he’ll never say anything. Naiman comes to the settlement with some of his soldiers and says he wants to speak with Osman Bey.

Osman Bey welcomes his guest and asks him why he has come. Naiman says he wants to eat and goes to Osman Bey’s tent. Soon, Olof arrives and says he wants to take Frigg. Osman Bey moves to kill Olof, but Naiman stops everyone. Naiman tells Olof to return to the castle and enters the tent with Osman Bey. Octam Bey learns that Frigg has been caught and begins to rage at his wife. Bingi Hatun calms her husband down and says that the frig will never say anything. Octam Bey alerts the fort’s soldiers.

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Frigg says Orhan Bey will never recover and tries to anger Bala Hatun. Baindir Bay goes to the office and says that Bala Hatun caught the frig. Ismihan Sultan immediately makes a plan and says that Frigg must die. Baindir Bey says that it is too difficult to kill Frigg, but he agrees to follow Ismihan Sultan’s orders.

Naiman starts eating and asks about Orhan Bey’s condition. Osman Bey says his son will recover very soon. Naiman asks the shaman to prepare a potion to help Osman Bey. Osman Bey lifted Orhan Bey from his bed and took him to the shaman.

Malhun Hatun does not like this decision, but Osman Bey calms him down. Kumral Abdal, the shaman, tested the potion and said it might work. As Bala Hatun continues to question Frigg, he learns that the shaman is preparing a potion.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 117 English Subtitles

Orhan Bey drinks the medicine prepared by the shaman and goes back to his room. Osman Bey again asks Naiman why he has come. Turgut Bey and his troops attacked a caravan heading to Inegol. Says Naiman, who wants to hear Osman Bey’s defense plan. Osman Bey shows where Naiman’s troops are on the map and tells how he will attack.

Naiman realizes that Osman knows everything and is very surprised. Naiman says the car full of gold will arrive soon. Osman Bey says that it is not difficult to defeat the Mongols because they do not know these lands well. Kumral Abdal says, as the poison slowly subsides. Osman realizes that his son is getting better and asks Naiman to stay with him at the settlement that night. Osman Bey then went to speak with Orhan Bey and invited the sheik to the settlement. Cherkutai learns that Frigg has been captured and asks the priest to help.

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitles

Olof learns that Turgut Bey has attacked the caravan and is furious. Karesi Bey says that his whole settlement is trying to collect gold, but it is still insufficient. When Oktam Bey argues with Bingi Hatun, Baindir Bey arrives. Baindir Bey says that Frigg must help him escape from the settlement.

Bingi Hatun does not accept this offer. Baindir Bey continues to speak and Bingi gives Hatun a bottle of poison to kill Frigg. Bingi Hatun says he will do it secretly. Sheikh talks to Naiman and starts telling him all about Islam. Naiman listens to Sheikh but does not believe him.

Osman Bey asked Naiman to become a Muslim. Naiman says he is tired and goes to rest. Osman Bey Malhun talks to Hatun and tells him to rest for a while. The next morning Naiman approaches a blacksmith’s shop and begins to plan the assassination of Osman Bey. Naiman gives the sword he prepared to Osman Bey and says it is a gift for Orhan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitles

Naiman then prepared to go to Sogu and invited Osman Bey to a meeting held there. Bingi Hatun says he wants to see Frigg. Osman Bey learns which roads the gold-carrying caravans will use and asks Kanur Alp to seize the wagons.

Turgut Bey says he will attack Olof and begins preparations. Bingi Hatun adds poison to Frigg’s food and asks Asma to remove it. While Olof is talking to Lyman, Naiman arrives at the castle. Olof tells Naiman that he is loyal and asks permission to attack the Turks.

Naiman gives Olof some troops and tells him to attack Turgut Bey. Olgen talks to the priest and tells him to give the news to Turgut Bey. Frigg says he won’t eat and waits for Olof. Kunur Alp goes to the place Osman Bey says, and in no time he steals the cart full of gold.

Osman Bey finds out what Kunur Alp has done and goes to talk to Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan asks Sultana Osman Bey why he came early. Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun used this opportunity to restore Yenisehir.

Osman Bey says he will take Yenisehir back and begins to wait for the other Beys. Turgut Bey launched an attack. Be’ra comes to Sogut and says that the cars will come soon. Osman Bey calms everyone down and says that he will now lead the army. Bey began to blame Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitles

Osman Bey says he has nothing to do with the gold car. Naiman comes to the meeting and asks where the golden cars are. A Mongol soldier captures Bey’s sons and brings them to the meeting. Naiman says he will kill Bay’s sons because the golden car hasn’t arrived yet. Bera began to plead with Naiman to stop. Naiman drew his sword, but Osman Bey stopped him.

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