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Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus 110 English

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 110 English Subtitles


As seen at the beginning of the volume, Osman Bey enters a palace room to search for Mesut, but is attacked by the Mongolian commander. Osman Bey resisted the Mongolian troops but ultimately failed. The Mongols overran the Turks in no time.

Baindir Bey says that Osman Bey will regret it very much. Samagar wants to kill Osman Bey, but Baindir mentions Walid’s orders and stops the commander. Alauddin Bey prepares to meet the Sultan and enters his room. Ismihan tells Sultana Bala Hatun to calm down and calls his troops.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Malhun Hatun pacifies Bala Hatun and tells him not to make a mistake. Bengi gets very angry for what Bala Hatun has done. Ismihan calms Sultana Bengi Hatun and says that he will soon destroy Osman Bey’s reputation. Ismihan Sultana says that no merchants will come to Yenisehir and the people will revolt. Bengi Hatun realizes that he will take control of the market and is happy.

Alauddin Bey starts talking to the Sultan and says that he wants to warn him. The Sultan sent everyone out of the room and began to listen to Alauddin Bey. The Sultan realizes that Osman Bey is in the palace and that the Mongolian commander has a secret plan. Meanwhile, the Mongols began beating Osman Bey’s troops. Samagar ordered the torture of Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Ismihan Sultana says that all the people in the city will soon start revolting due to hunger and Malhun will never be able to fix this situation. Some merchants went to the palace and started talking to Malhun Hatun. A merchant says, no caravan has come to Yenisehir.

Malhun Hatun asks everyone to calm down and says he will check the market situation. The Sultan went to the courtyard of the palace and started talking to Osman Bey. Sultan asks Osman Bey why he has come. Osman Bey says he wants to help the Sultan. The Sultan wants Osman Bey released. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Baindir realizes that the situation in the palace has changed and immediately writes a letter to Ismihan Sultana. After visiting the market, Malhun Hatoon realizes that there is not enough food for everyone. To resolve this situation, Malhun asked Hatun Aktemur to bring food from nearby forts and settlements.

Ismihan Sultana learns that there is nothing left in the market and realizes that her plan has worked. After resting for a while, Osman Bey went to the Sultana’s house and said that someone wanted to make a revolution in the palace. The Sultan realizes that Mesut is alive and begins to suspect the Mongolian commander. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Samagar says that he will destroy the palace with a large number of Mongolian soldiers. The Sultan sends Samagar to the dungeon and listens to Osman Bey. Baindir Bey states that he is loyal to the Ismihan Sultanate and that the Mongols are unfaithful. The Sultan says that he will spare Osman’s life and orders Aladdin to stay in the palace until all the facts are revealed.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Cherkutai says there is nothing to eat in the settlement. Malhun Hatun realizes Ismihan Sultana’s real plan and says that Olof has moved the food from the castle to another place. Oran Bey started talking about the caves around the castle. Ismihan invites Sultana Bala Hatun to dinner that night and starts talking to her.

Ismihan asks Sultana Bala Hatun to be careful of Malhun Hatun and warns him many times. Bala Hatun says that he trusts Malhun Hatun, but despite this, he gradually becomes suspicious.

Bengi Hatun Ismihan informs her husband of Sultan’s plan and says that she will soon take charge of the city market. Baindir says that he will kill Osman Bey as soon as possible and starts preparing secretly. Osman Bey talks to Dursun and silently asks him to save Alauddin. Sultan asks the vizier to find Mesut and kill him immediately.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Baindir tries to find Osman Bey at the palace that night, but cannot find him. Alchichek Hatun says that he still loves Aktemur. Esma Takhsh Alchichek tries to calm Hatun, when Bengi Hatun arrives. Bengi Hatun realizes that Esma is the one who closed the door and kicks him out of the castle.

While Turgut Bey is thinking about recent events, the Sheikh arrives. Sheikh Turgut informs Bey about the situation in the city and asks him to make a decision. Turgut Bey says that he always supports the Turks and will solve the food problem as soon as possible. After saying goodbye to his son, Osman Bey started looking for Mesut. Malhun Hatun talks to Orhan Bey and advises him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Bala Hatun returns to the palace but does not tell anyone what he talked about with Ismihan Sultana. Kantakujanus orders all the food to be transported to the cave and says that there will soon be a great rebellion. Olof tells Kantkuzenos to be careful and not to trust Ismihan Sultana. Kantkuzanos says that Ismihan is reliable of the Sultana and that they will soon completely capture the frontier forts.

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Turgut Bey spoke to the Beys at the castle the next day and asked for their help. The Beys don’t trust Turgut Bey, but after thinking for a while, they change their minds. Osman Bey with his soldiers started searching for the place where Mesut is hiding. Osman may return alive from Konya, says Olof.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Some market traders started complaining about the latest situation. Alchichek Hatun takes Esma to town and asks Bala Hatun for help. Esma agrees to live in the palace and thanks Bala Hatun many times.

Bala Hatun goes to the market and shouts to try to calm down the traders. A merchant says that there is famine in the city, the surrounding villages are not selling anything. Cherkutai and Bale are looking for caves full of food. Mongol soldiers move to kill Mesut, but Osman Bey stops them.

Osman Bey says that he will take Mesut to a secret place, but he must first save his son from the palace. Mesut thanks Osman Bey and says that he will help him if he regains the throne. The vizier realizes that Mesut has escaped and blames Osman Bey for the situation.

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

Malhun Hatun and his soldiers attack the cave. Turgut Bey comes with the Beys to help Malhun Hatun and kills Olof’s soldiers. Ismihan Hatun comes to the market and says that he will help everyone. Bala Hatun stops Ismihan Sultana and says that Malhun Hatun will come soon.

Ismihan Sultana says that she will not let the people starve because of the wrong decisions that Osman Bey made. Meanwhile, Malhun Hatun arrives and starts distributing food to everyone in the market by car. Dursun took Alauddin Bey with some spies to the palace. Osman Bey prepares to save his son and leave. Wazir brings Samagar out of the dungeon and tells him to kill Osman Bey as soon as possible. watch more

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 English Subtitles

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