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A brief discussion of past seasons

At the beginning of the season, Aya Nicola, sent by Emperor Andronikos II as the takaful of Inagul, promised to defend her fortress against the Turks on the frontier, and after swearing to recover the fortresses lost by the Byzantines, was sent from Constantinople to Inagul, the frontier.

Meanwhile, Ertuğrul Bey returned to the settlement after a long time as an old wolf.

His arrival brightened the ante, and brought excitement back to the audience with Mehmed Bozdag, a new actor brought in as Ertuğrul Bey who, despite his age, showed his acting prowess throughout the series, causing excitement among the audience.

And at the head of the frontier, Yavlak Arsalan wanted to establish a new state by enslaving the Mongols, who were repeatedly obstructing the advance of Osman. He repeatedly tried to trap and kill Osman Bey and failed again and again but his treachery was not revealed.

Later Osman and Yavlak Arsalan united against the Mongols against the threat of the Mongols and the Byzantines.

In unity, they fought a great battle against the Mangals, while the Mangal commander Cherkutai slowly came to Islam and slowly accepted Islam, at this time Tate was the most liked among the audience with this Cherkutai because his mannerisms are all excellent. The actor was filling in the absence of Bamsi Bey very well in this place, so Kurulus Osman was not short of happiness among the audience.

Meanwhile, Nanny Nicola’s spy Targun Hatun was causing trouble to the settlement by repeatedly leaking information about the settlement.

This woman wanted to enter the settlement and marry Usman Bey, repeatedly creating big trouble in the settlement and preventing them from going to war, making women weak with poison, this actor was also kept very well by Kurulus Osman, later Usman Bey sent Goktu Alp to spy with him, And they were removed from Kurulus Osman for a while, and Kurulus Usman was turned towards the Beylik fight!

During these troubles, the sudden death of Ertuğrul Ber shocked everyone, the town burst into tears and the spectators fell into mourning, and in the midst of all this, the fight over the next Bey began.

A hard fight started between the three brothers, Gunduz, Sabchi, Usman, Sabchi and Osman fought to the end, after a hard fight Usman Bey was elected, and it was Ertugrul Ber’s order that was kept secret from Abdur Rahman Gazi.

Before his death, Ertugrul Ghazi mentioned in a letter that his place should be Uthman’s, but he did not say it verbally because he wanted to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, not to place anyone on the throne and leave it to themselves.

After becoming Ghazi Bey, Osman decided to marry a second time as per his father’s will.

Also, Osman Bey sat down one night to draw a flag for his state and fell asleep, and he dreamed that Ertugrul Bey had arrived and Osman Bey turned to the right and saw Bala Hatun crying and turned to the left and saw a faceless woman standing with a child.

In other words, Ertugrul Gazi indicated his will again.

Meanwhile, Targun’s treachery is revealed and helped by Goktu Alp, who is killed by Bala Hatun after the treachery is revealed.

This image worked well among the audience, and the beauty of Kurulus Usman increased.

And soon after, Malhun Hatun arrives, just as Osman is about to be captured in a battle with Aya Nicola.

Osman Bey sees the sudden arrival of a woman who is brave, and Malhun Hatun tells Usman Bey “You are not alone, Osman Bey.” He then shows Tina’s sword fight, which is sure to impress the audience. , and liked by the audience.

Osman then engaged in a great war with the Byzantines that is known in history as the Armenian War!

Baihoja, the valiant son of Sabchi Ber, was martyred in this battle, which brought grief to the audience.

And meanwhile, not being able to accept Osman’s betrayal, Osman’s own uncle, Ertugrul Gazi’s own brother Dundar was committing one betrayal after another, which was repeatedly putting the settlement in great danger.

After the war with the Byzantines, Osman Bey executed his uncle with the help of Malhun Hatun.

This scene was difficult for Kurulus Osman’s audience to accept because it was the death of Ertuğrul Gazi’s most beloved Dundar, but he had to pay the price of betrayal.

Then when Malhun Hatun’s father arrived, he started preparations for a united war against the Mughals with Osman.

Baiju Nayan’s son, Kara Shaman Togai, made one attempt after another to break this unity, launching attack after attack on the settlement, finally dying at the hands of Usman.

Now Uthman Bey started preparing a large army to engage in a major war with the Byzantines, which was supported by the Seljuk Sultan, Sultan Masud.

And in this great battle, the Byzantines were badly defeated, and Aya Nicola escaped.

And then Umar united with Ber politically and married Osman Bey Malhun Hatun on the advice of Shaykh Adeb Ali.

Malhun Hatun gave birth to Orhan, the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and naturally, Osman Ber’s first wife also became pregnant.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 cast

This is how they announced their name! 11 new transfers from Establishment Osman, which is preparing for the 4th season!
ATV’s record-breaking series, Establishment Osman, feels like a bombshell for the new season. The series, in which Burak Özçivit took the lead, included the names of the bombs in its 4th season. It is scripted by being inspired by historical events that appear before the audience on Wednesday evenings. The production also attracts attention with its action-packed scenes. 11 new names joined the TV series Establishment Osman, which hosts ambitious actors.

Making preparations for the new season, Establishment Osman is getting ready to appear before the audience on ATV on Wednesday evenings. Establishment Osman, who has added 11 new names to its strong cast, seems to leave its competitors behind and add to the dust of the ratings in the new season. The series, which mirrors Ottoman history, is broadcast in 65 countries.


The TV series “Organization Osman”, which locks the audience on the screen with its costumes, accessories, and scenario, will enter this season with names like a bomb. 11 new names were included in the new season.

Among these names were Hakan Yılmaz, Nihat Altınkaya, İpek Karapınar, Deniz Hamzaoğlu, Kaan Yalçın, Almila Uluer Atabeyoğlu, Miray Akay, Begüm Çağla Taşkın, Caner Nalbantoğlu, Talat Can Büyükaltay and Noyan Üzer.

Ahmet Yılmaz is the director of the series, whose production, project design, and script belong to Mehmet Bozdağ

Frequently Asked Question

When will upload Kurulus Osman season 4?

Answer: Kurulus Osman season 4 will be broadcasted on 5 October 2022

How can watch Kurulus Osman with English subtitles for free?

Answer: We are offering Kurulus Osman with English subtitles free. Go to any search engine and type jaraplay.com, entire our site and you will get all episodes.

When will the uploaded episode be? 

Answer: Every Wednesday day turkey tv channel ATV broadcast the series. We will upload every episode within 3 hours of releasing the episode.

How many seasons will be in Kurulus Osman?

Answer: it may be 7 seasons in Kurulus Osman.

How can download Kurulus Osman English subtitles?

Answer: It is so easy to download Kurulus Osman English subtitles from onubadmedia.com. go to our site, and visit Kurulus Osman’s English subtitles page. here you can see the download option. Click the download option and it will start.

How can watch Kurulus Osman’s English subtitles online?

Answer: We are giving more opportunities to watch Kurulus Osman online. Go to the Episode, you will find a video player, just click on the play button it will play online.

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