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Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles


Reliable Usman:
As a result of the extraordinary victory, Uthman gained the confidence of the Turks and became their savior. Many tribes took refuge under his banner and continued to obey him. On the one hand, Uthman’s army continued to grow, but it was much smaller than the Byzantine army.

Confession of a traitor
As a result of Uthman’s success, while his reputation was spreading around, his own uncle “Dundar Bay” created various obstacles so that Uthman could not become strong. He betrayed ‘Uthman through various insults and prevented’ Uthman from attacking the Byzantine fortress. So ‘Uthman killed his own uncle for treason. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

Orhan’s Bursa Vijaya
In 1326 Orhan Bursa conquered and gave the good news to his father. His father’s will was that after his death he should be buried in Bursa. So ‘Uthman is admired in Bursa. Uthman declared Orhan his successor before his death. Orhan reshaped his capital. Orhan held the title of Sultan. Orhan became the first sultan of the Ottoman Sultanate. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

The Ottoman Sultanate was then a new sultanate, with the Byzantine Empire in the east and the Turkish Muslim Empire in the west. These two empires could have invaded the newly formed Ottoman Sultanate. The Ottoman Sultan was worried about this. Then, by the will of Allah, Orhan got an opportunity that a king might get once in a century. Then came the opportunity that the small Ottoman sultanate reached the eastern and western sides of the Byzantines.

Establishment of Sultanate
After Uthman’s death, Uthman’s son Orhan became the first sultan of the Ottoman sultanate. In the fourteenth century, small empires threatened their very existence. Then two paths were open in front of them. One, they will subjugate their neighboring small empires.

Two, to end their existence by being subject to an empire. The Ottoman sultanate also had such a threat. Again from two sides. Formerly the Turkish Muslim Empire Karachi and Karmania. Karmina was backed by the then-largest Muslim empire, the Mamluk Empire. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon were part of the Mamluk Empire. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

One of Orhan’s threats was the Turkish Muslim empires. The second threat was the Roman-Byzantine Empire. Which was very strong. Other Christian empires also helped him. Sultan Orhan was in danger of war from both sides. Then how the Ottoman Sultanate surrounded the Byzantine Empire from two sides.

Urhan’s heroism
In Anatolia, the Byzantines almost lost control. But they also had control of some of Anatolia’s castles and cities. Orhan sought to occupy these cities and forts in order to increase the security and size of his empire so that the Christians would be completely wiped out from Anatolia.

So Orhan laid siege to the Byzantine forts and cities. News reached the Byzantine emperor that the Ottomans had laid siege to their last city and fortress in Anatolia. In 1326, the Byzantine emperor Andrinosas set out with 4,000 troops to fight the Ottomans. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

The Byzantine emperor himself was coming to fight the Ottomans for the first time, so the news spread around with lightning speed. Sultan Orhan also advanced with troops to attack the Byzantine emperor. The Sultan and his army hid behind the high hills of Malte. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

Sultan Orhan hid on a hill to see the Byzantine emperor’s army. Sultan Orhan’s troops saw Byzantine troops coming, led by the Byzantine emperor. The Ottomans started shooting arrows from behind the mountains. This surprise attack caused chaos in the Byzantine army. Then the news spread that the Byzantine emperor had died. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

Then the Byzantine troops lost their morale and the Byzantine troops began fleeing to Constantinople. The Byzantine emperor also somehow escaped and returned to Constantinople. The Byzantines were influenced by a small army of Ottomans. Earlier, the Byzantines did not think of the Ottomans as anything more than a nomadic community.

The Byzantines considered themselves the most powerful and efficient military power in the world. But after the defeat of the Ottomans at the hands of the emperor, they changed their minds. The Byzantines stopped sending supplies and aid to the cities and forts under their control in Anatolia.

These cities and forts were besieged by the Ottomans. Without Byzantine help, those cities and forts surrendered to the Ottomans. Thus the Ottomans captured all the cities and forts of Bithynia from the Byzantines. watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles

Friendship with the Byzantines
The Ottoman conquest shattered the Byzantines’ morale.
The Ottomans are extraordinary warriors. So Kantakkozinus wisely decided to make the Ottomans friends instead of fighting the Ottomans.

Because Kantakkozinas himself wanted to be a Byzantine emperor. But neither he was the son of the emperor nor was he a relative of the emperor. Kantakkozinas had to rebel to become emperor. He needed troops inside Constantinople in Cantabacinus. Which he had. And the Ottomans needed help to deal with the Byzantines from the outside. Of the Ottomans near Cantacokoginus  watch Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 English Subtitles



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