Fateh Al Andalus English Subtitles Episode 5

Fateh Al Andalus English Subtitles

The first resistance was encountered when the Muslim forces reached the nearby Algeciras from the date of Jabalut. The resistance force was a regional patrol of the main force, led by General Tudor. The Muslims easily defeated this force

The commander of the defeated Andalusian army, Tudmie, sensed imminent danger and immediately sent an urgent message to Roderick, the ruler of Andalusia.

But Roderick was not too upset at the news of this newcomer to his empire. He thought they might loot the border. But Roderick woke up when he heard Muslim forces advancing on Cordoba.

He rallied very quickly and sent a strong army under the leadership of his nephew and one of the best generals in Spain, Benicio, to resist the Muslims.



Fateh Al Andalus English Subtitles

Fateh Al Andalus English Subtitles








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