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Barbaloslar English

Barbaroslar episode 4 English subtitles

Barbaroslar episode 4 English subtitles

By now the Turkish galleot had pulled out into the middle of the narrow channel. Aruj, sensing that the only way to ensure the fidelity of one’s followers is to make quite sure that they cannot become one’s deserters, ordered half the crew to let slip their oars into the sea. It says much for the discipline of a Turkish crew on a private enterprise (not backed with the authority of their own or any state), that the men did as they were told. It says much also for the authority wielded by their captain. (Barbaroslar – Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 4 English subtitle)
To let slip half their oars meant that the galleot had no chance of making her escape if things went wrong. The men aboard her were now totally committed to the battle that lay ahead. They could not for a moment have the comforting knowledge that, if they were being worsted, they could escape over the horizon, or around the rocky coast of Elba. (Barbaroslar – Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 4 English subtitle)

Fingering the red beard that was later to become synonymous with his fame throughout Europe, Aruj stood watching the great Christian ship as she approached him, all in ignorance that there was an enemy in this part of the Catholic Sea. So the great galley approached, “not imagining the galleot to be Turkish (a sight till then unknown in those seas, (Barbaroslar – Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 4 English subtitle)

the Barbary cruisers being only brigantines and small rowboats), and tho’ curious to know why it lay waiting, yet far from dreaming of an enemy. But being arrived near enough to take a full view of the make of the vessel, and to distinguish the Turkish habits, in the utmost hurry and consternation they began to make ready for an encounter …” Now there was an immediate call to arms, and drums began to beat. The under officer lifted the silver whistle from the cord around his neck and blew the call to increase the stroke as the soldiers ran for their weapons. Too late! (Barbaroslar – Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 4 English subtitle)

The Turks were upon them. Aruj and his men had been poised with their muskets and their bows in their hands, and now they opened fire upon a confused and unready enemy.

A second later, the beaklike prow of the galley swept
alongside the papal vessel, and Aruj at the head of his men leaped on board. The Turks who had been manning the oars jumped from the rowing benches, seized their weapons, and followed their leader.

Within a matter of minutes, the astounded officers upon the poop, the demoralized soldiers, and the whole crew of the great galley found themselves overwhelmed. There was no option but to surrender, and the captain formally handed his sword to Rais Aruj. He, his officers, and men were bound and locked below hatches. From the slaves at the oars there came great cries of joy and wolflike howlings, as all of them began to rattle their chains, to call attention to the fact that they expected their new master to free them. (Barbaroslar – Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 4 English subtitle)

But Aruj had no time to waste. He called his lieutenants around him on the poop. They gathered exultantly about him, but his next words were enough to reduce even their high spirits to an uneasy silence. “I must—and will—have the other galley! We have captured this one. Now let us capture the second!” They argued against it. He pointed out that if the first, and largest, the vessel had succumbed so easily, so would the second. Finally,

the man’s dominant personality, combined with their recent triumph, allayed their fears. After all, had not their rais just proved himself correct against the judgment of those who had said that this vast galley was too much for them? And this time Aruj was also adding dissimulation as an additional weapon to the Turkish armory.

He ordered his captives to be stripped of their clothes and armor, and his own crew to remove their Turkish clothing and don that of the Christians. At the same time, he had his galleot towed round and secured astern of the papal vessel. Now, to all intents and purposes, it would look to the second Christian ship as if the papal galley had encountered a corsair off the coast of Elba, had captured her and was towing her off as a prize.

Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean episode 4

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