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Barbaroslar Episode 20 With English Subtitles

Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 20
A few Spanish ships are sailing across the Mediterranean. Detectives have confirmed that there is no sign of a fleet within fifty miles of the vicinity. So they were completely calm — no worries.
Suddenly, the battle whistle sounded. From where a fleet appeared —– A flag is flying in front of the ship, there is written in golden letters, Victory (will be achieved) and O Prophet! Give glad tidings to the believers. ”

Elias and Aruz were returning from a commercial mission in the early 1500s. However, St. John’s fleet suddenly attacked them. Elias fought valiantly and was martyred and Aruj was captured by them.
He was detained for three years in a fort called Bodrum.
Meanwhile, Khizir got the news of his brother’s captivity. He rescued his brother after three years. As a result of his captivity, both Aruj and Khizir understood that they had to work together, otherwise they would soon be in the middle of this huge sea wave.

After his release, Aruz set out in search of a new navy. With his help, the then governor of Anatolia, Osmani Prince Korkut Bay, came forward. He gave 16 small ships, then his younger brother Khidr joined him with his own navy. The two brothers went to the court of Sultan Abu Abdullah Mohammed IV Al Mutawakkil of the Hafsi dynasty in Tunisia. They asked the Sultan for permission to use the port of La Goletta in Tunisia. They promised to pay one-third of the total income in exchange. The Sultan granted their request.

Victory Expedition:
After being allowed to operate at the port of La Golletta in 1504, it became easier for the Barbarossa brothers to establish a base in North Africa, as Tunisia was one of the most important territories in North Africa. From 1505 onwards, In 1505, they captured the famous Sicilian warship Cavalleria. 360 Spanish soldiers and 70 knights were captured on board. The Barbarossa brothers became the focus of negotiations. Seeing these successes, Muslim sailors scattered in the Mediterranean expressed interest in joining them.

Many Africans and Arabs were then involved in the Muslim naval profession. When the Muslims were expelled from Spain in 1492 and subjected to inhumane torture, these sailors began to attack Spanish and Christian ships in the Mediterranean in response to the claim of faith. Absolutely isolated, there was no unity between them. So when they heard about the success story of the Barbarossa brothers, when word of their heroism, piety, and devotion spread around, everyone joined them one by one. Turgut Rais, Hassan Aga Tushi, Salih Rais, Kurtugalo These were all one of the open swords of the Mediterranean, who joined the Barbarossa brothers in demanding faith.

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