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Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles



Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 1

A few Spanish ships are sailing across the Mediterranean. Detectives have confirmed that there is no sign of a fleet within fifty miles of the vicinity. So they were completely calm — no worries.
Suddenly, the battle whistle sounded. From where a fleet appeared —– A flag is flying in front of the ship, there is written in golden letters, Victory (will be achieved) and O Prophet! Give glad tidings to the believers. ”

Who was the commander of this navy?
Why do they run endlessly across the sea?

So let’s go back to the fifteenth century. Let me introduce you to one of the best admirals in the world.

In 1482, the Ottoman navy occupied the island of Lesbos from the Italian city-state of Genoa. Lesbos, however, is now under Greek occupation.
As a reward for his heroism in the war, Yakub received the zamindari of a village called Bonova in Lesbos.

In 1480, he married a Spanish Muslim widow. Born in their womb were the world-famous sailors Khizr Rais, Aruj Rais, and their brothers Elias Rais and Ishaq Rais. Isaac was the eldest brother of all. So he took over the family business. , Khizr Rais and Uruj Rais enter the sea to explore their own destiny.

Among the three brothers, Khizir set sail in a separate vessel, based in Thessaloniki in modern-day Greece. Was doing.

Elias and Aruz were returning from a commercial mission in the early 1500s. However, St. John’s fleet suddenly attacked them. Elias fought valiantly and was martyred and Aruj was captured by them.
He was detained for three years in a fort called Bodrum.
Meanwhile, Khizir got the news of his brother’s captivity. He rescued his brother after three years. As a result of his captivity, both Aruj and Khizir understood that they had to work together, otherwise they would soon be in the middle of this huge sea wave.

After his release, Aruz set out in search of a new navy. With his help, the then governor of Anatolia, Osmani Prince Korkut Bay, came forward. He gave 16 small ships, then his younger brother Khidr joined him with his own navy. The two brothers went to the court of Sultan Abu Abdullah Mohammed IV Al Mutawakkil of the Hafsi dynasty in Tunisia. They asked the Sultan for permission to use the port of La Goletta in Tunisia. They promised to pay one-third of the total income in exchange. The Sultan granted their request.

Victory Expedition:
After being allowed to operate at the port of La Golletta in 1504, it became easier for the Barbarossa brothers to establish a base in North Africa, as Tunisia was one of the most important territories in North Africa. From 1505 onwards, In 1505, they captured the famous Sicilian warship Cavalleria. 360 Spanish soldiers and 70 knights were captured on board. The Barbarossa brothers became the focus of negotiations. Seeing these successes, Muslim sailors scattered in the Mediterranean expressed interest in joining them.
Many Africans and Arabs were then involved in the Muslim naval profession. When the Muslims were expelled from Spain in 1492 and subjected to inhumane torture, these sailors began to attack Spanish and Christian ships in the Mediterranean in response to the claim of faith. Absolutely isolated, there was no unity between them. So when they heard about the success story of the Barbarossa brothers, when word of their heroism, piety, and devotion spread around, everyone joined them one by one. Turgut Rais, Hassan Aga Tushi, Salih Rais, and Portugal were all of the open swords of the Mediterranean, who joined the Barbarossa brothers in demanding faith.

He was joined by his elder brother Isaac in 1509. They became stronger. Muslims were being persecuted in Spain at that time. Between 1504 and 1510, they carried thousands of Muslims from Spain to Africa. .
The Barbarossa brothers began regular expeditions to Italy, Spain, Genoa, Liguria, etc. The guerrillas raided several Spanish ports and captured many ships and troops. Aruj Rais sent valuable gifts. In reply, Sultan Selim Khan presented two diamond inlaid swords to Aruj Rais.

Occupation of Algiers (modern Algeria) and treaty with the Ottomans

In 1517, Aruz Rais was able to conquer Diesel and Algiers with the help of the Ottomans. The ruler of Algiers was loyal to the Spaniards. So the Barbarossa brothers came forward to occupy Algiers. After the conquest of Algiers, the Emperor of Spain and the Roman Emperor Charles decided to invade Algiers. He relinquished the title of Sultan and formally appealed to Selim Khan to annex Algeria to the Ottoman Empire. Algeria became the first Ottoman Sanjaq in North Africa.

Martyrdom of Aruj Rais and Ishaq
After making a treaty with the Ottomans, the Barbarossa brothers attempted to occupy all of Algeria. In 1517, Algeria captured Talmisan. Martyred. Three warships of modern Turkey have been named after this great naval commander of Islam.

After the death of Aruj Rais and his elder brother, his younger brother Khizr Rais took charge of all his missions. Khizir Rais took an oath to complete the unfinished works of Aruj Rais.
He is the famous naval commander Khairuddin Barbarossa. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Khizir Khairuddin Barbarosai
The word Barbarossa means ‘red beard’. Khizir and his brother Aruz had red beards, so they became known as the Barbarossa brothers. On behalf of the people, he asked Sultan Salim Khan for help. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

In response, Sultan Salim Khan sent a general army to Africa. He also sent artillery and the general army. This increased the power of Khairuddin Barbarossa. In 1519, Khairuddin Barbarossa invaded Provence, Talon, and Iles de Hairs in France. Khairuddin Barbarossa made Algeria a prosperous country with millions of dinars in gold coins, ransom from prisoners, jizya, usury, kharaj, etc. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

n addition to campaigning at sea, Khairuddin Barbarossa also campaigned by land. Khairuddin conquered many more territories in the name of the Ottoman Empire by campaigning against the Muslim emirates in the vicinity, including Algeria, which were obedient to the Spaniards. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Besides, he continued the rescue operation of the persecuted Muslims from Spain. In a total of seven phases, Khairuddin Barbarossa arranged for thousands of Muslims to reach Africa. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

In 1531, Khairuddin Barbarossa was confronted by Andre Doria, the naval commander of Emperor Charles.

Meeting with Sultan Sulaiman
In 1532, Sultan Sulaiman Khan launched an expedition against Austria. Andre Doria took the opportunity to occupy the coasts of Koran, Patra, and Lepanto off the coast of Moria. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

The Sultan ordered Khairuddin Barbarossa to come to Istanbul in 1532. After receiving the Sultan’s letter, many of his companions forbade him to go.

They thought that the Sultan might hang him. But Khairuddin Barbarossa said, ‘If God Who will kill him unless he decides to die? ‘Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

In August 1532, Khairuddin Barbarossa set sail for Istanbul with 25 ships. In January 1533, he met the Sultan.
It was a magnificent scene, with two great Islamic warriors facing each other, a land lion and an eagle of the sea. He had the honor of representing the Sultan. Khairuddin Barbarossa was also appointed head of Istanbul’s arsenal. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Both the Sultan and the Barbarossa decided that every fort and port used by Spain and Italy in Africa would be captured. This was a great challenge. It required a large fleet.

Khairuddin Pasha left Istanbul with a large fleet of 64 ships. On 2 August 1534, he and Sinan Pasha occupied Tunisia. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Italy: The unfulfilled dream of Barbarossa

After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih said that the church in Rome would remain under his control for the next few years. However, this did not happen again.

The dream of conquering Italy has awakened again. Khairuddin Barbarossa returned from Istanbul and started his expedition to Italy in 1536. He captured the port of Patra, Lepanto.

Then Khairuddin Barbarossa started his expedition further inside Italy. On the other hand, the troops of the Ottoman general Lutfi Pasha invaded the countryside of Italy by land.

Sultan Sulaiman Khan made an agreement with France that they would invade Italy from the other side. Many ships of the Ottoman Empire were destroyed.

Outraged Khairuddin Barbarossa returned to Sicily after wreaking havoc. Khairuddin Pasha later occupied Ontario, Italy. The city was under Ottoman rule for many years. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

War of the Privilege
Khairuddin Barbarossa made it almost impossible for Christian states to sail in the Mediterranean, he played twelve of their trade and commerce.

Venice and Genoa suffered the most, so they appealed to Pope Paul III to form the Christian Holy League. Barbarossa was accompanied by Turgut Rais, Salih Rais, Saban Rais, son Hasan Pasha, and others. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

The Christian Holy League was commanded by the mighty General Andre Doria. There were 122 galleys and gallants, while the Christian Holy League had more than 300 warships.

The fate of Khairuddin Barbarossa was swaying like the turbulent waves of the Aeonian Sea. Andre Doria escapes.
After this battle, the Ottomans established sole dominance in the Mediterranean Sea. Khairuddin Barbarossa captured the remaining Christian outposts in the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

After the Battle of Privilege, Khairuddin Barbarossa besieged and conquered the Castelnevo castle of Montenegro with 200 ships in 1539. The castle was very important in the control of the Mediterranean Sea. He became.

In 1545, Khairuddin Barbarossa returned to Istanbul, nominating his only son, Hassan Pasha, as ruler of Algeria.
Khairuddin Barbarossa died in Istanbul on 4 July 1548 at the age of eight.

He is fast asleep in the Besiktas district of modern Istanbul. Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles

Maybe there is no island in Italy, Spain, or France where this great naval commander has not set foot. In his lifetime he was in danger of meeting the whole European fleet.

Even today they could not forget the horrors of Khairuddin Barbarossa. That is why Europeans introduced him as a terrible pirate.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles


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Barbaroslar Episode 1 English subtitles


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