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Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

Alparslan episode 20 English subtitles

Alparslan seljuk episode 20 English subtitles

Despite several marriages, Tughrıl died childless, having appointed as his successor his infant nephew Sulayman, who was backed by the vizier Kunduri,171 doubtless in the hope of obtaining vast power during a regency for the child. However, Sulayman’s elder brother, Alp Arslan, ruler of Khurasan since his father Chaghrı’s death in 451/1059, had already started to advance westwards on hearing rumors of Tughrıl’s malady.Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

172 After seeing off the challenge of Qutlumush, who died in battle outside Rayy,173 Alp Arslan turned to deal with Kunduri, whom he swiftly had imprisoned, executed, and replaced with his own vizier, Nizam al- Mulk, who had served him in Khurasan.Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English
Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English

174 Tughrıl’s and Chaghrı’s lands, stretching from Iraq to Transoxiana, were now united for the first time under one ruler. However, this was no time for consolidation. Alp Arslan’s reign witnessed a relentless series of campaigns, usually headed by the sultan himself, which took him the length and breadth of the empire. Although these campaigns would culminate in the sultan’s famous

victory over Byzantium at Manzikert in eastern Anatolia in 463/1071, they were driven at least as much by the exigencies of internal politics as by the desire for expansion.

Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English
Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English

Some campaigns aimed to bring the sultan’s errant relatives to heel, such as Alp Arslan’s brother Qavurt, the ruler of Kirman (see Figure 1.5).
Although Qavurt had recognized Alp Arslan’s accession by having his name mentioned in the khu†ba, he also demanded his ‘share in his inheritance’, which he sought to assert by capturing Shiraz and threatening Isfahan.Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

175 Alp Arslan was obliged to head in person no fewer than three expeditions against him, and it was not until the beginning of Malikshah’s reign that Qavurt was finally captured and killed, although even then his descendants were left in control of Kirman and its outremer territory of Oman.

176 Campaigns were also directed at imposing sultanic authority on the Türkmen, such as those in Central Asia in 457–8/1064–5 which explicitly targeted ‘wrong-doing’ (i.e., rebellious) Türkmen.

177 Given that much Türkmen settlement was concentrated on the borders of the empire, where pasture was much more freely available than in arid central Iran or Iraq, these campaigns could also be legitimized to a wider audience as jihad

the great Seljuk empire holy war, against the Seljuks’ non-Muslim neighbors. For instance, one of Alp Arslan’s first acts as sultan, three months after his entry to Rayy, was to launch a major expedition into the Caucasus. Accompanied by his vizier Nizam al-M bulk and son Malikshah, he advanced northwest from Marand up the River Kur through Nakhchivan, burning and plundering his way through southern Georgia before seizing the great Armenian trading city of Ani, then in Byzantine hands.

Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English
Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English

178 His victories, relayed in letters to Baghdad, clearly had great propaganda value in representing the sultan as a doughty fighter for Islam; but in reality, they were not intended to annex territory. Just as with earlier campaigns in the region, no Seljuk garrisons were installed, and existing fortifications were razed. As much as jihad, the aim was to allow the sultan to carry out the traditional nomad chief’s role of securing pasture and plunder, to cement bonds of loyalty with his nomadic subjects, and to appeal to disaffected Türkmen after the death of Qutlumush.

179 That such a campaign should take priority over dealing with Qavurt or any of the sultan’s other relatives suggests both that there was more at stake than merely the territorial expansion of the empire, and underlines the extent to which Alp Arslan still felt himself to be beholden to a nomadic constituency.Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

Alp Arslan seems to have been especially concerned by the activities of a Türkmen grouping called the Nawakiyya, who started to settle in Syria and the borders of Anatolia around the beginning of his reign.Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles

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Exactly who the Nawakiyya were is unclear, but they may well have been connected with the earlier Balkan-K Abhiyan and ‘Iraqiyya, who now disappear from the record. Their leaders were often of aristocratic, even Seljuk birth.

A certain Ibn Khan, who operated around Aleppo, is described as a Türkmen prince; Qutlumush’s son Sulayman was a Nawakiyya leader, as was the sultan’s brother-in- law Arisighi/Eresghen/Erbasghan (the reconstruction of the name is unclear).

180 The Nawakiyya were widely used by various parties in Syria – including the Fatimids – as mercenaries or auxiliaries.181 Owing to his poor relations with Alp Arslan, Erbasghan and his followers sought to enter Byzantine service, threatening to destabilize Byzantine–Seljuk relations.

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Initially, despite the loss of Ani, the Byzantines had sought amicable rela-

Alparslan buyuk seljuklu episode 20 English subtitles


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