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Uyanis Buyuk Seljuk English

Alp Arslan Buyuk Seljuklu Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Akcha Hatun and Nizamul Mulkah
The twist that the director left for us at the very end of the last episode has been solved very clearly at the end of this episode. The separation of Akcha Hatun and Nizamul Mulk is a lot like that of Senjar and Malik Shah, who kept the viewers emotionally attached for a long time. However, the director may show something more different about these two. Because the director certainly doesn’t want the same story to be repeated in the Alp Arsalan series as Wanish.
On the other hand, the pain of not getting Tekfur Kekavmones will ignite a new fire of revenge. Now she has a prisoner in her hands, her once beloved Maria’s Muslim husband “Hasan”! For which Maria became a Muslim, took the name Maryam and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!
For which he gave his life!
So the end of the third episode continues to give the message of new revenge.

Vaspurkan fort
The main story of the Alp Arsalan series revolves around the Vaspurkan fort. Again, the fort is entrusted to Prince Yannis, who carried out a massacre of Muslim prisoners. There are those who will help to conquer the fort later (not sure). Secondly, Akcha Hatun is not able to reveal his identity before the victory of Vaspurkan.

Alpagut: The secret weapon in the enemy’s fortress.
In the last episode, Emre Konuk gave a little idea about Alpagut. A very good man type man has won the hearts of the viewers in Dirilis with his negative character. This time Alp Arsalan has brought a positive character. The director has also introduced him. Alpagut fled to save Akcha many years ago during the genocide in the settlement. As a result, he is dead to his mother, he is only alive for the state. Alp Arsalan spends his days waiting for the help of heroes who sacrificed their lives for the state. He is waiting for his privacy to be revealed.

Prince Yannis:
Prince Yannis has no choice but to play the role of a foolish and angry prince. The people around him are playing with him. Sultan Tugril did not have to go to great lengths to appease Yunnis. Because of his love for Evdokia. And Kekavmones wants him to fix everything.

Appendix: Before the start of the series, the director repeatedly hinted that the character of Akcha Hatun, like the other ten series, will not only be the character of the wife. Her character will have various adjectives. .

On the other hand, Amir Bojan and his army seem to have added to the mystery.
Who are they? What do they want ?? What is their so-called “dawah”? Why have they united to give their lives patiently ??
You may have to wait longer to get all the questions answered

Alp Arslan: The great Seljuk Episode 14 English subtitles

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